Flipped Clasroom ?

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Today, I want to talk about a subject that will deeply affect our educational lives; flipped classroom.

Unfortunately, the same system was applied to us in education throughout our lives. In fact, as we all know, every child is different. That is, every child perceive differently. Therefore, the different system should be applied to every child. This system is flipped classroom.Here, we have to focus on how students learn.

In this system, students gain first exposure to new material outside of class, usually via reading or lecture videos .Late on, classtime is used.

Flipped classroom aims to be able to get the same pleasure by children from the lesson in the class, bringing all of them on the same level appliying different methods to children according to their level.

Here is how we can tell a topic in different ways for studying outside for children.

Why can’t we ? I think flipped classroom should be spread. It’s up to us. 🙂



Those who want to be successful here!

img_rating.jpgWhen you ask successful students “what’s made you successful?”, there are not answer like name of the book, website or classroom. Answer of the such questions is mostly name of the teacher. Well, what should you do to be such teachers? Today, I want to mention these. 

  • Listen to your students: I think it is the most important thing. Before you begin, you should listen to students, even though s/he’s a child. Therefore, you can make him feel that everything he said is valuable. It is an important factor to be able to communicate with her/him. 


  • Be happy with your student’s accomplishments: Just like all people, children also want to have people who trust, and believe themselves. If you are happi with your student’s accomplishments, you motivate them to accomplish new things. 


  • Make a good risk assessment: You should know to take chance when, where, how. You know, students like to observe how the teacher reacts by throwing new situations. 🙂 Thus, a good risk management brings a good classroom management.


  • Life-long learning: A successful teacher means a lifelong learning teacher. S/he knows to always improve ourselves. Thus, s/he aims to be a good model for the students.I hope I could help you to some extent.

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Have you met with augmented reality ?


Hello dear reader,

Until this time, I mentioned different topics about applications to you. All of them were very useful for education. Today, I want to talk about a concept of technology that will take us a step further in these application.

Well, what is augmented reaility that gradully replaces in education? Augmented reailty is addition of audio, and GPS data which are produced by computer onto a real object, that is enrich the existing content. For example, with this technology, it is possible that you can do that 2-dimensional source render to 3-dimensional, or pictures and writing on the paper  convert it into the video.

Now, I want to briefly mention about two nice applications which were produced by benefiting from this tehnology. Aurasma, and Quiver.

Aurasma : With this application, you can describe an desired object as a source, and you link to this object with video. This video can be existing, or created. 

Quiver : Thanks to the this application, you can gain thinking skill as a 3-dimensional for especially younger age groups. Firstly, you printout a desired painting from the web site of this application , and paint it. Then, you are faced with three-dimensional form of your picture. 🙂 

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Hello dear readers,

In my previous posts , I mentioned different technology elements that are used in the education. I’ll introduce gamification to you.

Let’s talk a little bit about Gamification.

  • What is the gamification?

Gamification is an application that includes game-design elements, and game principles.

  • Why was gamification created?

According to research, game lover spare time 13 hours per week on average to play a game. This data is very high. Therefore, this arouse interest of business world, and they start work on with purpose and vigor.

  • Is gamification important for education?

Of course, it is an important for education, there is a reward in gamification like kahoot (I mention it previous post), and it increases students’s attention. It motivate the students. Therefore, success of students is raising.

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Is technology really a good thing for training ?

I shared a blog about an impact of technology on education in the last few weeks. We all know, tecnology help us about a lot of things. Education is one of them. However, as the days passed, different opinions show up.

Well, is it really like this? Can giving a value to technology in education get our nose out of joint ?

Some studies shows that the children who don’t use technology for their lesson are more succesful than others who use technology for their lesson. Some of you may agree with me, because until ten years ago, we were not such a close with technology as a society, and we used research from the encyclopedia in library.  I think we’re a a researcher generation. Like everything else, Technology has negative aspects  in education.

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Google and Education


google-logoI am sure that, Google has became a part of your life. However, you generally knew Google just as a common search engine. After this post, you will meet a different aspects of Google.

The education world has gained a new dimension with the use of different applications. Google also has brought many convenience and innovation to education word by offering applications.

Let’s take a look at this application, and the areas of usage of these applications in education

Google Drive:  Google Drive doesn’t just store your files; it also allows you to create, share, and manage documents with its own productivity applications. You can do collaborative work with the students in a classroom environment thank to this web-based application.

Google Calendar:   As well as, calendars show the date, it is known as a reminder by us. Furthermore, by adding the parent to calender, you can provide parents to follow their children actively.

Google Mail:  Create an e-mail  group and add students to it. Now, you deliver assigments to students with a single click at the same time.

Google Plus :  It is a social media platform of Google. You can share the video here. In the Google Plus, you can have a multiple chat up to 10 people.  Thus, you can create a discussion environment about any topic for your students by using this feature.

Google Classroom:  You can creare a classroom hear. You can share documents, video, photos etc.. By giving homework, you can create a common field for students.
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Four Application in Creative Writing and Storytelling

Writing is an action that has a different meaning for every person. Even if writing reminds us pencil and paper , today , while we write, we benefit from different things. For example, while taking notes, we prefer notpad now.

Well,  how can we bring a different perspective to  students experience about “creative writing” ?

Here are four application for you!


Book Press

Screen-Shot-2014-04-19-at-15.36.35This is a program for creating a book. Because of poems, stories, and visual formats, students can deliver more creative products. It contains a large library.



Story Creator


Students can use this application for creative writings. Students can add audio, video, and photos in their book. They can make creative drawings.





Halftone 2 (Comic Book Creator)b99686dff07d65b4ab4aef79858ab623

Comic book lovers here! In this application, students can not only create comics, and but also learn the type of  interviewed in a permanent way.




Tellagami 1.png

Story telling application. Are you ready to use your creativity?  Create your own avatar and they tell your stories.



STEM Education

Hello dear readers,

Today, I want to mention STEM.

STEM is a acronym for   Science




There are many common Stem areas. Some of them are; civil engineering, computer science, physics and robotics, mathematical biology, astrophysics etc..

STEM is a system focused on working problem-based by using the creativity that we had at the young age, supporting, triggering, and finding solution with the sense of wonder in children. It includes a wide age and level of education from preschool to doctoral education. Students are able to make meaningful connections between school, community, work, and global issues as well as critical thinker.

I hope to increase in value of STEM in our country.

See you soon 🙂






Role of Experiments in Science

Hello dear friends,

I want to mention the role of experiments in science education in my blog today. It is obvious that experiments are important point for science education, but it is also obvious that although most of the people know this, it is not given enough importance. Well, what is the importance of experiments? How experiments play a role in science education?

Our country, the process of compulsory education include science education, but some of the children don’t like the this course, and they are afraid of it. At first, we should to make them wonder about course topics, because request of receiving information begins with curiosity. We can do that with experiments. To give an example, before you tell acid-base, you distribute one blown up balloon and sliced lemon for each student, and you request them to drop lemon on the top of the balloon. At the end of it, balloon will explode because of acidity. Thanks to the this experiment, children both learn and have fun. If you are curious about the excitement of the children, you can encourage the children to the lesson more easily.  Try it and see 🙂


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Kahoot please welcome! :)

Hello dear readers,

I know most of you are not informed about Kahoot, but I am sure that, when you learn this learnig game, it will became irreplaceable for you. Yes, Kahoot is a learning game. It sounds good, isn’t it? 🙂

Goog learning” begins with “good questions“. However, most of the time, questions asked by the teacher put students into trouble. Thanks to the this application, students will take grear pleasure in answering questions.

By using Kahoot, you can create multiple-choice quizzes. Then, you can reflect questions that you have prepared to the board and, students can reach your questions through any device that can connect to the internet such as computer, tablet, smart phone etc.. .

Do you want to add fun to your lessson ? Kahoot please welcome! 🙂

Well, would you like to see children’s interest in Kahoot ? 🙂

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