Those who want to be successful here!

img_rating.jpgWhen you ask successful students “what’s made you successful?”, there are not answer like name of the book, website or classroom. Answer of the such questions is mostly name of the teacher. Well, what should you do to be such teachers? Today, I want to mention these. 

  • Listen to your students: I think it is the most important thing. Before you begin, you should listen to students, even though s/he’s a child. Therefore, you can make him feel that everything he said is valuable. It is an important factor to be able to communicate with her/him. 


  • Be happy with your student’s accomplishments: Just like all people, children also want to have people who trust, and believe themselves. If you are happi with your student’s accomplishments, you motivate them to accomplish new things. 


  • Make a good risk assessment: You should know to take chance when, where, how. You know, students like to observe how the teacher reacts by throwing new situations. 🙂 Thus, a good risk management brings a good classroom management.


  • Life-long learning: A successful teacher means a lifelong learning teacher. S/he knows to always improve ourselves. Thus, s/he aims to be a good model for the students.I hope I could help you to some extent.

For more detailed information, you can click the link below.




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