Have you met with augmented reality ?


Hello dear reader,

Until this time, I mentioned different topics about applications to you. All of them were very useful for education. Today, I want to talk about a concept of technology that will take us a step further in these application.

Well, what is augmented reaility that gradully replaces in education? Augmented reailty is addition of audio, and GPS data which are produced by computer onto a real object, that is enrich the existing content. For example, with this technology, it is possible that you can do that 2-dimensional source render to 3-dimensional, or pictures and writing on the paper  convert it into the video.

Now, I want to briefly mention about two nice applications which were produced by benefiting from this tehnology. Aurasma, and Quiver.

Aurasma : With this application, you can describe an desired object as a source, and you link to this object with video. This video can be existing, or created. 

Quiver : Thanks to the this application, you can gain thinking skill as a 3-dimensional for especially younger age groups. Firstly, you printout a desired painting from the web site of this application , and paint it. Then, you are faced with three-dimensional form of your picture. 🙂 

For more detailed information, you can click the link below




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