Google and Education


google-logoI am sure that, Google has became a part of your life. However, you generally knew Google just as a common search engine. After this post, you will meet a different aspects of Google.

The education world has gained a new dimension with the use of different applications. Google also has brought many convenience and innovation to education word by offering applications.

Let’s take a look at this application, and the areas of usage of these applications in education

Google Drive:  Google Drive doesn’t just store your files; it also allows you to create, share, and manage documents with its own productivity applications. You can do collaborative work with the students in a classroom environment thank to this web-based application.

Google Calendar:   As well as, calendars show the date, it is known as a reminder by us. Furthermore, by adding the parent to calender, you can provide parents to follow their children actively.

Google Mail:  Create an e-mail  group and add students to it. Now, you deliver assigments to students with a single click at the same time.

Google Plus :  It is a social media platform of Google. You can share the video here. In the Google Plus, you can have a multiple chat up to 10 people.  Thus, you can create a discussion environment about any topic for your students by using this feature.

Google Classroom:  You can creare a classroom hear. You can share documents, video, photos etc.. By giving homework, you can create a common field for students.
You can click the link below to reach the page;



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