Four Application in Creative Writing and Storytelling

Writing is an action that has a different meaning for every person. Even if writing reminds us pencil and paper , today , while we write, we benefit from different things. For example, while taking notes, we prefer notpad now.

Well,  how can we bring a different perspective to  students experience about “creative writing” ?

Here are four application for you!


Book Press

Screen-Shot-2014-04-19-at-15.36.35This is a program for creating a book. Because of poems, stories, and visual formats, students can deliver more creative products. It contains a large library.



Story Creator


Students can use this application for creative writings. Students can add audio, video, and photos in their book. They can make creative drawings.





Halftone 2 (Comic Book Creator)b99686dff07d65b4ab4aef79858ab623

Comic book lovers here! In this application, students can not only create comics, and but also learn the type of  interviewed in a permanent way.




Tellagami 1.png

Story telling application. Are you ready to use your creativity?  Create your own avatar and they tell your stories.




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