Role of Experiments in Science

Hello dear friends,

I want to mention the role of experiments in science education in my blog today. It is obvious that experiments are important point for science education, but it is also obvious that although most of the people know this, it is not given enough importance. Well, what is the importance of experiments? How experiments play a role in science education?

Our country, the process of compulsory education include science education, but some of the children don’t like the this course, and they are afraid of it. At first, we should to make them wonder about course topics, because request of receiving information begins with curiosity. We can do that with experiments. To give an example, before you tell acid-base, you distribute one blown up balloon and sliced lemon for each student, and you request them to drop lemon on the top of the balloon. At the end of it, balloon will explode because of acidity. Thanks to the this experiment, children both learn and have fun. If you are curious about the excitement of the children, you can encourage the children to the lesson more easily.  Try it and see 🙂


For more detailed information, you can click the link below;


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