Kahoot please welcome! :)

Hello dear readers,

I know most of you are not informed about Kahoot, but I am sure that, when you learn this learnig game, it will became irreplaceable for you. Yes, Kahoot is a learning game. It sounds good, isn’t it? 🙂

Goog learning” begins with “good questions“. However, most of the time, questions asked by the teacher put students into trouble. Thanks to the this application, students will take grear pleasure in answering questions.

By using Kahoot, you can create multiple-choice quizzes. Then, you can reflect questions that you have prepared to the board and, students can reach your questions through any device that can connect to the internet such as computer, tablet, smart phone etc.. .

Do you want to add fun to your lessson ? Kahoot please welcome! 🙂

Well, would you like to see children’s interest in Kahoot ? 🙂

For more detailed information, you can click the web site.



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